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Downsizing a 55G Lo-tech to a 33G long hi-tech.
Anubias all about 6-7" tall.

1-Hostifolia 3 leaves
4- Nanji
1-Aponogeton ulvaceus bulb

All shipped for $33, it will be a larger box.
Looking for 1 buyer, would not fit into small priority boxes without damage.

PM and I will provide pics.

Also Riccia available, large portions.
1.5"x6"x2" tall, 5 portions $4 each plus $8 shipping.
PM of you want it all, should fit in the smallest box.

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Plant Water Aquatic plant Terrestrial plant Grass

Plant Water Botany Terrestrial plant Organism

These are all anubias, ulvaceus bulb has started to show new sprouts in second pic.
All are about 4-7" tall.

If you are interested let me know some stats of your tank.
I always send extras of other plants with a pic when shipped.
Lo-tech / hi-tech / no CO2 etc...
Some want no extras, let me know.
Extras at this time are green gecko crypt, Staurogyne Bihar, and who knows.

Have had these for over 2 years with many trimmings in the past.
Need to re-home for another hi-light tank.
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