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Since you can't reduce lighting or move the Anubias, PO4 helps. I dose a lot of PO4: 1-2 or more ppm. Folks are too afraid of PO4 IMO. You can see my Anubias sp. 'Petite' grove in the 'Cryptocoryne albida' thread. Half of it is growing underneath the shade of the M. pteropus 'Windelov' and half under direct ~3WPG. No major algae whatsoever.

For the larger leaf Anubias, you should consider keeping the bristlenose (Ancistrus sp.) or rubberlip (Chaeostoma sp.) pleco. They chow on algae, including green spot, en mass. These catfish are plant friendly and do NOT exceed 3-4" in size. The Ancistrus claro max out at 2 inches but they are almost impossible to find. Even if you can't find the A. claro, these catfish are nocturnal so you'll most likely won't see them during the day, if their appearance and size bother you. Besides them and nutrient management, I don't know of any other plant-friendly GS removal methods...aside from elbow grease of course.
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