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So I'm new here and i'm sure some of you saw my tank in the introduction area. Here's the link so i don't have to post the picture again.

Well anyway I'm trying to get back into the advanced planted tank area and would like some input on my lighting.

Currently I have 260w of compact florescent. Now my tank is an extra tall(30in) tank and I am wondering if my lighting is insufficient for growing plants quickly(it being not enough or able to go deep enough). When I had CO2 and fertilized regularly I had horrible algae problems but I'm wondering if maybe I was light limited or should have some metal halides to help with the depth.

Now I may have had the light on for 12hours which now it's down to 10 and things are doing much better and I've been informed to bring it down to 8 to make things even better. But I still don't have quick growth. All limiting the light has done is help the algae. But how do i know that eliminating the CO2 and nutrients has done that as well?

I'm just wondering if I should worry about adding CO2 and nutrients again or if i need to fix my lighting first.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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