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I've had the same problem with ALL Rotalas and ALMOST ALL Ludwigias: They grow a bit, then the growing tip starts to put out progressively smaller and smaller leaves until it stops. Then a new stem branches from lower down on the stem, but it does the same thing - grows a tiny bit, then gets the funny tips, stops, and branches from lower down. Quite annoying and no amount of fertilization seems to help prevent this. I think these plants simply hate me. Now I do not keep any Rotalas or Ludwigias.

I've been able to grow Hottonia very well, but I've found that if you cram a bunch of them close together or too close to other plants, they don't grow as big or fast or as nicely. If you just plant a few stems and leave a nice space cushion in between, they'll flourish, and branching happens readily, so you can get a "lush" look soon enough. When it gets too bushy, do trim so that light is not completely blocked from the base. Sell the cuttings or give them away because if you replant them to the point that the stand is crowded, all the growth may get hindered.

I've had better luck growing Hottonia in my unheated tank, but this may be purely incidental... I've seen gorgeous Hottonia in heated aquariums. I think Carlos mentioned in the plant profile at another site that his didn't grow so well in 80F until he dosed iron and suddenly, it was fine, again. Mine does fine in the unheated tank (with DIY CO2 and Flourite) with recommended amounts of KNO3, KH2PO4, and Flourish.

Oh yeah - I also can't grow Tonina species or Blyxa. Okay - let's just say I can't grow any red plants and many of the green ones, as well :roll: .

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