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I use a trash can (32 gallon) on a furniture dolly that is topped by plywood. To calculate the amount of water to take out I just siphoned it into the trash can the first time I filled the tank and put a black PERMANENT marker tick mark at the level I drain the tank to.

Now, I fill the trash can with a combination of tap and RO water (30% tap, 70% RO - we have liquid rock here in San Diego) and use a heater to bring it up to the same temp as the tank. When it is the right temp I simply siphon off the correct amount of old water and use a powerhead to pump the water from the trash can to the tank.

Works great! When I did marine tanks it was the easiest system as I had 6 125 gallon tanks at one point.

Dan K.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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