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Re: Anyone had any experience with this wierd plant?

As far as my searching tells me...Plagiomnium Trichomanes is a bryopphyte with some (alleged) medicinal properties. It is harvested (in China or distributed from there) and it (or its extracts) are offered for sale world wide. I can find no specifics on exactly where it grows or its natural habitat. It has been quite frustrating, really. I plug in a word like Holotype and google says "Huh?".

The few reliable looking references generally wast to talk about the biochemistry and/or genetics of the plant and any background information is beyond reach as I'm not willing to subscribe ($$$), so all I can see are the abstracts.

I don't have the feeling that this particular species grows in North America though...
Try Google Scholar - That understands words like Holotype, and finds scientific papers.
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