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Re: Anyone had any experience with this wierd plant?

Naturally I agree with Cavan. You have me confused with another Aaron. :D
This is why you should have kept your original handle, Aaron! (one of the coolest, I must add!)

here is what I know... I first got the plant in question (or something that looked quite like it) in 2003 in Hong Kong. they sold it in "sheets", obviously stripped off rocks from somewhere locally. It actually looked more like P. acutum at the time. I set it up in a number of environments (both submersed and emersed) and it sat there, doing nothing for a long time.

I think a year later, through correspndence with one of the old time members of the board, I was given a piece of what was called P trichomanes. From what I understand, it originally came from the person who first posted that wonderful picture on Tonina Forest that we all are drooling over. Unfortunately, when I finally received it, it ended up looking nearly identical to the plant I bought in Hong Kong (which was still alive, showing little to no growth)

At that point, I had pretty much given up on the plant and placed pieces on some sphagnum moss and plopped it in my Cryptocoryne case. Just for good measure, I took a few fronds and tied it to a branch in my planted tank.

apparently, the prior techniques of keeping this plant in plastic containers with varying degrees of humidity was NOT ideal. in both situations, the plant took off. in the case (emersed) it turned into a lovely green puff ball, very much looking like the picture that was posted. underwater, it was more of a creeper which took on the look of a miniature underwater Ficus repens. Not the puff ball seen in the picture, but very beautiful and distinctive none the less. The "leaves" became very round.

So... is this indeed P. trichomanes? i don't know, I'm not a bryologist.
Does it grow under water? yes, but it looks different...

...and no, I don't have it anymore. still bitter over that loss... To make it worse, the pictures of it are trapped on my old frozen laptop.

Hope this helps...
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