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Anyone home?

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Not trying to be ugly here, but is anyone in charge or does anyone intend to answer my several inquiries about problems with our sponsorship billing??? Some new (to me anyway) company wants me to Paypal them for our monthly sponsor amount after years of it being auto-drafted. I received no notice of this new procedure or anything and want to confirm it is in fact legitimate and some internet scam.
A simple letter explaining the new procedure would have avoided this. Sorry if I never got it, but please reply to my e-mails and PMs. This is important.


Jeff Senske
Aquarium Design Group
[email protected]
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Jeff, I sent you a PM and am in the process of forwarding this info to the Admins

This thread should explain a lot. APC is indeed owned by Crowdgather now as of about 3 weeks ago.
Dear Jeff,

The moderators and entire membership were notified about the change in ownership through thread announcements on this forum. I am the CEO of the new company and I am glad to answer any questions. We are unable to automatically bill you since you had a relationship with the prior owners paypal account and not ours. As a result, you were emailed an invoice allowing you to continue with us if you chose.

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