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In a month or two, I will be moving from my apartment to my house and that means moving my aquariums.

The main tank I'll need help with is my 75g high tech tank. It's too heavy for my husband and I to move it. Plus, I want it properly leveled when its moved.

The pros:

  • I have plenty of extra tanks to hold the fish while the tank is being moved.
  • I can move the fish myself.
  • I can disconnect and reconnect the filters and all.
  • Just need the stand, tank and canopy moved and leveled. That's it.

The cons:
  • The tank is currently in a 3rd story apartment. Two flights of stairs. Ouch. Not hard for two strong men, but no way I can do it. It will be going into a single story house.
  • The stand and canopy is solid oak = heavy.
  • I'd like to paint the back of the tank with black paint which means waiting for paint to dry. It's okay if the move is done in two steps so the paint can dry in between.

My apartment contract is up on Nov 1 so I'd like to move the tank in Oct sometime. I'm willing to pay for the work done. I just want people to help me that truly care about aquariums and not just slap it up like the store from which I bought it did.

Also, if anyone knows of a service in my area that moves tanks, please let me know.

MODS: I didn't know where to post this so please move it if it's in the wrong forum. Thanks!

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I have moved aquariums twice, once from California to Oregon, and then a couple years ago I moved my business across town. I was moving dozens of aquariums. My advice would be to concentrate on keeping the tank as safe as possible, taking many precautions during the move, keep it simple. Don't complicate the task by adding other things like painting the tank, (keepin it level?) Whatever pieces can be moved separetly, do it. Make sure the tank is completly empty... not even an inch of gravel. Make sure everything is well secured and well padded.

When I moved from state to state, I hired a mover. When I moved across town I hired a friend and someone I didn't know that well. I will take a professional mover over a friend any time.
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