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I wish I had the room to set up another tank! I have never owned discus but have done some research. When I saw this thread, I couldn't believe the low prices and wanted to pass it on.

I have ordered 200 BD 2.75-3.0". They will be available in the middle to the end of Jan. The prices are as follows:


1-14 $12
15+ $9.99

After they arrive:

1-14 $15
15+ $13

Again I'm ordering in volume. Anyone who also orders in volume will get the benefit of volume pricing. The best way to preorder them is by calling me at 323-864-2637. When pics are available I'll post them or you may look at my website. Again they have a 100% money back guarantee. Just ask me about it.
I asked a trusted discus fanatic about Jeff, and he said he is very reputable and the discus are awesome. His website is
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