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Never tried that one.

I supplement frozen Hikari bloodworms with either Freshwater Flakes or Super Color Flakes from this guy:

or here:

My fish go crazy for it, even my normally picky-eater puffer. And my 38-strong school of Cardinal tetras in my 72 gal, who often nibble, then spit out, Spectrum and Hikari micro pellets devour this stuff like there's no tomorrow.

This may sound silly but I have an old Neon Tetra in my 10 gal that is the last remaining hold-over from a small group of 5 I bought about 8 years or so ago when I first started my little 10 gal tank. He's crusty, ragged and swims mostly on his head. For about 2 months he hung out in some back corner, pretty much head down, barely eating and I figured he was finally getting old and ready to kick it. I got these flakes about month ago. He tasted some, then almost got himself in a frenzy devouring as much as he could! Now he comes out to eat every time, has regained his color, swims more normally and looks much, much better. Gave him another lease on life!

(no relation to the site, just a satisfied customer)
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