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Love the knowledge and discussions on this forum but lately 90% of the posts are in the for sale section. Not to mention the padding posts (although a compliment for the mods in removing them!).

Quote from the rules:
"Aquatic Plant Central (APC) is primarily a forum for discussion and exchange of information about aquatic plants. While APC encourages its members to buy and sell from each other and facilitates that endeavor by providing a forum (For Sale or Trade) for that purpose, APC is not the place for people who join primarily for the purpose of selling or trading. eBay or AquaBid are the appropriate places for people who are primarily interested in doing business."

I always use the 'New posts' button and need to scroll through all the for sale threads. I get that people use this platform for this, so is there any way to find new posts and exclude a certain subforum like the 'for sale' department?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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