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You may notice that the organization of some of our forums has recently changed. The goal in doing this was to de-clutter the main forum page and to present our information in a more logical manner.

The forum that includes our library articles can be accessed at the top of the page in the yellow bar.

The forums for nanos, large aquariums & ponds, and paludariums were moved to sub-forums under Aquascaping. The list of sponsors was alphabetized for easier access. The "Advanced Topics" category has been eliminated and those forums are now in the "General Interest" or "Special Interest" areas.

The names of several forums have also been simplified. For example, "Aquarium Algae Control and Specific Problems" was renamed "Algae".

The staff at APC hopes that this will allow everyone to access the information here more readily.

As always, keep those questions and ideas coming. Show off your creations and provide feedback to those who are new to the hobby. APC has become a vibrant community over the past few years all of this is due to your contributions.
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