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guppy said:
does anyone know anything about Apistogramma cacatuoides i've read about them online and people say they are a pretty hardy fish im just wondering what water parameters does it like and etc... and if anyone has any please let me know
Very cool fish, in a few weeks I'm going to bring in a trio from someone on Aquabid. You're not likely to find these at the LFS and even if you do prices will be much higher than what you can get from some hobbyists - only expensive part is shipping, but you can prolly get away with second day or longer when temps are more reasonable... This should be something like $15 a pair. Overnight would be $25 or so... Several aquarium strains exist, for example the famous "Double-Red". Since these are fairly big in the hobby, you can safely ignore most of what you read about ultra-soft water being needed, this really only applies to wild-caught ones.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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