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apon fungus?

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New to this forum, Hello all. I have been dealing with my apon with growing fungus on the bulb itself, everyone I have talked has said "oh your bulb is rotting away" or "just clean it off and it'll go away" or "just leave it in the substrate and it'll go away". These aren't apons that have been flourishing in my tank for months. For an instance, I ordered some apons from AAG and one of the new apons have been growing fungus on the bulb and the substrate, but the other new apon bulb has none? :confused: So what am I suppose to do? Should I just leave them alone and see what happens? Or should I just keep on cleaning the fungus off. Because the one apon I've been dealing with has stopped growing new shoots or its slowly sprouting. Thanks.
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First off, welcome to the forum :)

I'd leave the bulbs alone. A portion of the bulb may rot, but if it's sprouting it will probably survive. Disturbing it every day will not help it grow better.
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