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Aponogeton Madagascar Help

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I Am having proble to keep Aponogeton Madagascariensis. One of my main problem is my shrimp keep eating the bulb :frusty:. Any idea how to keep them away and why they like it so much????

If i start them emerse a soon that i put them in the water they die. :Cry: they lose there leaf then the shrimp again :frusty:.

I herd a lot of thing... Bury the bulb completly, don't bury it, bury it half way. Need lot of light need low light, curent no curent. Witch is the best that worked for you.

Do they always need rest period or if they got all the nutrient they need they will keep growing.

This is my favorite plant and it is the one that is giving me the worst headach.

I have presure co2
I use ei fertilizing and under gravel tab for root plant and undergravel heating cable
Temp 78f
light t5 2.8w/gal

Thanks in advence.
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I have no problem with my madagascar and shrimp. But I didn't raise it from a bulb, remember not all bulbs are good some will never sprout. Never bury them completely, half way or just on top will due just fine. Are the shrimp eating it or just cleaning algae off it?
The madagascar lace absolutely loves Aquasoil. My neighbour got a bulb from me that was looking pretty rotten. In 3 months the thing produced many leaves, each about 1 ft. long. It is also blooming for a 2-nd or 3-rd time already.

...No other plant likes Aquasoil. Don't buy it. Bad stuff! haha...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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