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I need help with my Aponogeton madagascariensis. Before, it would start having brown spots on the leafs maybe a week after the leaves matured. Now i'm getting brown spot with the leaves just start sprouting. I'm wondering if it's some nutrient deficiency, or something else. It had flowered a couple of weeks ago.

Basics on my tank:
20 gallons, 1 year old
65 watts of pc 8800k light
temp: 70 degrees
co2: 30 ppm
35% water changes 2x a week

Add the following for every water change:
1ppm phospate
10 ppm nitrate (adding a lot to grow my Hemianthus callitrichoides ''Cuba'')
10-20 ppm potassium
.1 ml of hydroponic's trace mix



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What is your water hardness like? GH and KH.
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