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Use the <text select> tool on Acrobat and cut and paste into AltaVista Babelfish translation. The first column comes out more or less readable (by way of example):

The latest visiting the United States the American Presidential election started on November 10th after immediately. With influence of the Niigata prefecture Nakagoe earthquake, the Joetsu Shinkansen Nagaoka - was not driven between Echigo Yuzawa, temporary to the Haneda Airport with flight became movement from the new lagoon airport. The Chicago going fly away from Narita, as for the Japanese passenger it was little in United Air Lines 884 flight, the face of the traveler of the American and the Asian type was conspicuous. The crystal gateway Mariotte hotel which becomes the meeting place of the latest general meeting has been categorized to virginia アーリントン of the American capital city Washington suburb. Washington, putting the Potomac river, there is an other side, the American Department of Defense (Pentagon) from by the car there are several minutes. The conference first day (11 days) to start in the welcome reception of the night, as for 2nd day bus trip to the Maryland state Baltimore national aquarium and aquarium shop aquarium center of local end. As for the night the lecture by the guest speaker. 3 days

The eye lecture to continue, in evening dinner meeting and the water plant layout contest of AGA by the participant (InternationalAquascaping Contest 2004) commendation ceremony, and the workshop of the water plant tank production by Amano lastly. 4th day, becomes the conclusion in the auction of the aquarium commodity and the water plant etc. which were offered from sponsor enterprise and the like. Other than the AGA member who gets together from the All-American, Poland and Germany there was also participation from the ど in the conference, 170 names got together as a whole. This time, as a speaker, as for announcing, whether Amano's ほ, authority of Dutch クリプトコリネ, ヤン D. The バストマ year person (Jan D. Bastmeijer), with the American, ダ イアナウォルスタッド young woman who knows with the literary work "of Ecologyof the Planted Aquarium" and so on (Diana Walstad). The メンテナン ス company of the aquarium, the aquarium design group is managed in アメリ mosquito Texas state Houston, the microphone sense key person (Mike Senske). Mississippi state, the れ it is.

The pointer of biology is taken at tow gal - college, pole クロムホルツ doctor (Dr. Paul Krombholz). And Oliver クノット it participates at the German Plantella corporation (OliverKnott) announcing the knowledge of the respective special field, the く れ it is. In addition, at the meeting place, other than announcement such as lecture, sale of goods such as the T shirt of AGA was done, also the exhibition corner due to the American aquarium-related enterprise which is the sponsor was provided. You approved also ADA in at this conference, you displayed the ADA product which begins gland saw Ra, were simultaneously the "ア クア journal" and, the ADA comprehensive catalog and worldwide water plant レイアウトコンテスト work collection etc. gratuitous and it was distributed to the participant. In Amano's lecture which in the afternoon of conference 3rd day was done, in the atmosphere which リラッ クス is done, using the power point, our fur ゴリ which is starting point of conception of layout of ネイチャーアクアリウム (Ghazanfar Ghori) the person. With the chairman of GWAPA, patsy of the latest general meeting management. To take the day off of one week from the company, at the time of the management of general meeting
Andrew Cribb
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