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aquaponics anyone?

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Has anyone tried aquaponics (aquaculture + hydroponics)? ie., use aquarium water to raise edible plants? I read that leafy greens are possible with aquarium water, but there would not be enough nutrients for the likes to tomatos.

Just wondering if anyone has given this a try. I'm thinking about plumbing my koi and goldfish pond to grow some edibles.

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I have seen a few videos on youtube about hydroponic farmers pumping aquarium/pond water through there system. Some even stick big fish like bass or trout in a circulating hyper oxygenated tank to provide nitrogen for the plants and have earth worms in the plant beds which are composed of only fine gravel to keep the roots trimmed and decompose plants like cilantro after cutting to make ready for new seeds. It looks really cool and I was thinking of trying something small scale, like a window garden, like that one day if I ever et around to it.
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