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Aquarium drive for hobbyists in Ike's path

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Recent posts from people in Texas are making me realize that I take quite a bit for granted. We have several APC members who are in the process of losing plants and fish due to extended power outages.

I'm too far away to be of any immediate assistance (which is probably what they really need), but I'd be happy to donate any trimmings or spare equipment that would help fellow members get back on their feet.

Anyone else care to volunteer?

Those of you who were affected by the hurricane, please feel invited to share your stories and needs with us.
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That's a great idea Bryce!

I'll have trimmings to donate, also, once power is restored to those who lost power. We have been unaffected here in Western/North Central Texas. I just put the old light strip back on the front of my tank to increase growth.

You can count me in. Not sure what needs to be done to get stuff to folks.
I have plants and stuff I don't need.

Regards, O
This is great. I was just about to send a message to the mods that there must be something we could do. Count me in for whatever plants and trimmings I've got to offer when the first requests come in.

I am growing:

Rotala rotundifolia, Ludwigia repens, Ludwigia palustris, Blyxa japonica, Limnophila aromatica, Some Lilaeopsis brasilensis and a little E. tenellus micro (the bronze colored one)

All my best wishes to everyone afffected and hope you are up and running soon. Trust me I know how you feel I went through Hurricane Andrew here in Miami.
I have posted in the NASH forum regarding helping out.
Thanks for your kind thoughts and generosity, I'm sure that anyone who was affected by Ike appreciates it.

But it will take a while for some of us to be up and running. I live about a block off of the bay and had a
4 ft storm surge hit my house so it will be a month or two before I can get back to living in my house. My neighborhood was hit hard and I wouldn't doubt if it was 4 weeks before we even get electric. It sounds bad but there are some familys that don't have homes any longer and the elderly seem to be having a harder time than others.

I can't use any plants right now and I'm sure I will be fine when I start my tanks back up. I just wanted to say thanks for the offer.

I was just told about this thread. I may take some of you up on your offers.

I have 10 tanks running, 4 with fish. They vary in size from 2.5g to 75g. All tanks have plants.

I have been without power since Ike hit, and it looks like I may not get power back on until next week. I'm able to get online now because I'm in a hotel room.

I have a house and an apartment, and fortunately, neither suffered structural damage. We lost a lot of tree limbs at the house, one tree split off a main section onto our fence and neighbor's house. The fence will need to be replaced. I think the neighbor's house only suffered gutter damage, thankfully.

My tanks are going from bad to worse. The 4 tanks with fish are:

  • 2.5g has 25 young Borasas brigittae (Pedro, these are from you; I'm doing my best to keep them alive.)
  • 5g with my RCS colony, 7 mature Borasas and 2 pygmy corys (1 cory died)
  • 20Long with loaches, ottos, guppies, many amano shrimp, and nerite snails.
  • 75g with 5 Pelvicachromis, 1 apisto (I think it's dead; can't find it now), 9 Torpedo Barbs (one confirmed dead), about 50 amano shrimp, nerite snails, guppies, and 30 cardinal tetras

I have a battery air pump on my 20L and 75g tanks. I do have water that appears to be good (it hasn't killed the fish yet) so that's saving me right now.

My main problem is that the power has been off long enough now that the plants, algae and good bacteria are all dying, converting into ammonia. I'm doing 80%-100% water changes daily, but I need to step that up. The water becomes cloudy and smelly in 24 hours so things are getting worse.

Others at TPT are suggesting I pull out all of my plants which I really don't want to do, but maybe I should. Doing so will certainly kill many of them so I'm not sure what's best in the long run. If I can keep up with the water changes to keep the ammonia down, maybe I can salvage more plants if I leave them where they are. I'm also concerned with how the removal of plants would affect the hiding places for the fish, with the Pelvicachromis being dwarf cichlids.

I've lost one pygmy cory, one (maybe more) torpedo barb and most likely my apisto.

My main concern is the nitrifying bacteria dying. I have two canisters on my 75g and one on my 20L which I think are toast (bacteria wise) by now. I have unplugged them so they won't come on in my absence because I think I'll have to clean them out to "new" condition and start all over without any good bacteria. Getting these tanks to cycle again with a heavy fish load will also be a problem which is another reason I really don't want to lose too many plants since they will help with the ammonia once the lights come on and they can begin growing again.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. For now, large water changes is what's keeping my fish alive, and it looks like I'll have to go from 1 large water change a day to at least 2. I might go for 3 smaller ones (50% each) to help avoid temperature changes and fish stress.

Right now, I can't even think of getting any clippings, but once my power is back on, I would very much appreciate help in restocking the plants I've lost. Between losing everything in our refrigerators and freezers (at both locations), having the trees repaired with the large branches hauled off, fixing our neighbor's house, and now paying for a hotel room, this is costing us. We still have it much better than many others, but having no power is really hurting my tanks.
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I'd be happy to donate any clippings I have to folks affected by Ike.
Complexity, I wonder if someone could send you a nasty batch of mulm to help you restart the system. Does anyone know if the bacteria would survive a trip in the mail? If I cleaned out one of my Eheim 2217's there would easily be an enormous batch of the stuff.

Between that and a large batch of fast-growing stemmies, it might go a long way toward restarting the tanks.

Could you uproot the plants and put them in a bucket out in the sun? They'd at least get a little light that way. I agree that an aquarium full of decaying plants is more liability than asset.

Take heart in one thing - rebuilds after disaster almost always result in a better final product once you're back in business.
The bucket in the sun idea has been suggested by many, but given the shade I have, I'd rather not try it. I think it'll kill more plants than it'll save. As far as the water quality, I'm going to become even more aggressive on the water changes and start testing the water to see just how bad the water is getting.

Thank you so much for the offer of the mulm! That's really nice of you. But I think I might be okay there. Something that was pointed out to me elsewhere is that while the bacteria is certainly dead inside the canisters, the tanks have been aerated with an air pumps and "splashy" water changes since the very beginning so the bacteria on the substrate, rocks, glass and even the plants should still be alive. So I'm hoping that will give me a jump start on recycling the tanks.

As far as the 6 tanks with plants, but no fish, they're of less importance. I pulled them out due to BBA. So if nothing else, this should be helping to kill off the BBA!
Just my 2 cents,

I would pull out all the plants and do the bucket-outdoors thing. I had pulled some plants out to give to a guy who was picking them up and set them in a bucket w/water on my front patio. They were in full shade, but it was still a great deal of light when you compare it to an aquarium. They sat there for three days and GREW, looked healthy, and no losses. (Granted, these were not the finicky plants, just common low/mod light and low maintenance plants.)

Even if most of them died, at least they would not be rotting away in the aquarium and causing problems.

Well, the issue of pulling out the plants is resolved. My electricity came back on today! I'm now working to get the filters back in shape.

Rather than repeat myself, I posted what I'm doing in this post:

Now it's just a matter of watching the cycling and see how well the plants recover. Ferts start back on track tomorrow! :D
Complexity - Glad to hear your power came back on so quickly!

I also wanted to offer any plants or spare equipment to anyone who experienced loss with Ike. I know lots of people are still "off the grid", so it's a standing offer. Good luck to you all.
I didn't lose any plants or fish during Ike and the darkness that followed. Got power last night and after changing media in filters got everything up and running. Will be doing some trimming this weekend so if anyone in my area needs anything just pm me. Think my repens and sunset went looking for light cause they grew like weeds, but lost a little color. They seem to be doing fine after 12 hours of about 4 watts to the gallon and a dose of ferts and excel.
I live in Houston and in my area we had trees fall and many branches break off trees, lost a large section my fence and had high flooding. Water came about three inches from getting in the house. Had to go out early in the morning and open my back gates to allow the water to rush to the front yard witch water level was a little lower. Side yard was a flowing river. Water was out for a couple days and the power just came back on after a army of power workers swept threw my neighborhood today. One street over had big time problems and wont get electricity until mid October.

I had one tank do alright and all fish survived and the plants will make it. My other tank wasnt as fortunate. It is a 20 gallon and I lost 5 red skirt tetras, 3 hatchet fish, a black neon and 6 neon tetras. This was a more recent set up so it wasn't well established so I think that factored in the many deaths. The plants are not looking good and I know I will loose some of them. If any one would like to donate anything I would be appreciate. thanks
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Batterup, I'm sorry to hear your 20g suffered so many loses. Hopefully, someone has PMed you with some help.

I think it's the newness of the tanks that caused the biggest problems. While my 75g isn't new by any means, the scape was new so all of the plants were trying to settle in when Ike hit. Fortunately, my losses weren't terrible, but I did lose a few. Mostly, I'm seeing sick looking growth. Now that I have everything back to normal, some of the plants are beginning to spit out some healthy growth. So I'll have to let the healthy growth get taller, then I can cut that off and use it to restart the plants.

I want to thank everyone here for being so kind with your offers! I am taking up an offer from someone on another board, and I may accept an offer in a PM from here. I'm having problems with having too little plant mass. So if I turn on my full lights as some of my plants need, there's not enough plant mass to fend off the algae. But if I don't use my bright lights, then the plants that need it grow poorly and slowly.

If you don't get any help, let me know because I do have some plants (well, crypts) in my 20L that are established and doing well. I can part with some of them. They are slow growers, though, but are very hardy. Just let me know.
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im in too pm me if you need plants I hope yall in that area get your power back soon if not already I know how much just a little simple electricity can hinder your day to day lives
computer battery backups will power aquaruim equipment for quite awhile
remember to charge them for a couple days before
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