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I live in Houston and in my area we had trees fall and many branches break off trees, lost a large section my fence and had high flooding. Water came about three inches from getting in the house. Had to go out early in the morning and open my back gates to allow the water to rush to the front yard witch water level was a little lower. Side yard was a flowing river. Water was out for a couple days and the power just came back on after a army of power workers swept threw my neighborhood today. One street over had big time problems and wont get electricity until mid October.

I had one tank do alright and all fish survived and the plants will make it. My other tank wasnt as fortunate. It is a 20 gallon and I lost 5 red skirt tetras, 3 hatchet fish, a black neon and 6 neon tetras. This was a more recent set up so it wasn't well established so I think that factored in the many deaths. The plants are not looking good and I know I will loose some of them. If any one would like to donate anything I would be appreciate. thanks
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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