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I will be ordering a bunch of plants for a low light 30 gallon soon. Lots of anubias sp., microsorium sp. mosses, some crypts etc. What are peoples thoughts of this company. From their website I think they seem very good and their prices are wonderful. The fact that APC supports them is also a good sign to me. I am looking for positive feedback here:) No need to say things.... I also have PM and email:)

The basic info I am looking for is if their plant quality and size is anything like their pictures. This will help me judge how much I need to buy. Maybe I will just order a few plants for myself before I spend someone else's money:)

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Well, I haven't bought plants from them (OK, Vic) but I did recently buy Kasselmann's book at a decent price (about $71 to my door?) and have never heard anything bad about them. Vic also has a great policy on not charging you until you get the plants. Check it out here under "PAY AFTER RECEIVING YOUR AQUARIUM PLANT ORDER"

The last time I ordered from them, I ordered plants from their Specialty list (which is now defunct, apparently). They substituted just about everything I ordered from that list, despite my clearly-worded comment "No substitutions, please".

They didn't make me pay for the plants that they couldn't send, and it ended up being cheap, but it was still an unsatisfactory experience.

On the other hand, the martii sword they sent me was huge and healthy.
I've ordered from them several times. They are my favorite place for ordering plants online. When they were importing plants from Asia and the plants were lost in customs, they stepped up and absorbed the costs. They did not charge me anything for my order --not even shipping. And furthermore, a week later, they send me a couple of HUGE Anubias frazeri to make up for it for free.

When I order from them and something does not come in, they do not charge me for it. However, they try and make up for it by "substituting" with free plants. I once ordered a bunch of Rotala macrandra that did not come in. So they didn't charge me for that part of the order and sent me an extra bunch of Rotala macrandra v narrow leaf and Anubias barteri v barteri for free...

Email correspondence is very prompt. Vic is very friendly and will always make sure to make things right.

I really can't ask for better service than that...

I too have nothing but great things to say about Vic and his company. Everytime i've order from him the plants have been bigger and healthier than his competitors. I will always have given him detailed instruction about substitutions, ie your specific design. He's always been very helpful. He also always sends more than you order. I'm sure you will be very happy with his service. Join his forum and ask him questions and he will respond promptly.
Exactly what i was hoping to hear. THank you everyone. I believe I might email hima nd I will definately be placing an order soon. Thanks again. I'll be sure to say they are highly recomended;)

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