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I've ordered from them several times. They are my favorite place for ordering plants online. When they were importing plants from Asia and the plants were lost in customs, they stepped up and absorbed the costs. They did not charge me anything for my order --not even shipping. And furthermore, a week later, they send me a couple of HUGE Anubias frazeri to make up for it for free.

When I order from them and something does not come in, they do not charge me for it. However, they try and make up for it by "substituting" with free plants. I once ordered a bunch of Rotala macrandra that did not come in. So they didn't charge me for that part of the order and sent me an extra bunch of Rotala macrandra v narrow leaf and Anubias barteri v barteri for free...

Email correspondence is very prompt. Vic is very friendly and will always make sure to make things right.

I really can't ask for better service than that...

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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