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Aquarium on the Window

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I want to try to make a small plant low-tech aquarium.
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najas guadalupensis
Oh, "guppy grass"! Of course. I have never seen such a magnificent specimen in a Walstad tank. Thank you for sharing your photos.
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Meadow, wolf and earth for Walstad tank
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I suspect "guppy grass" in a window leaves a lot of room for experimentation.
This experiment is already forty years old.
The filter is only needed to fight algae.
Algae in an aquarium? sick fish? - put a filter.
There are no algae, the fish are healthy - no filter needed.
That's all I know about the aquarium.
The first of September - the holidays are over, the children go to school.
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They drive me out of the window, but I stubbornly put the aquariums where there is a lot of light. A small aquarium without fish - only snails. I change the water twice a month - water from a large aquarium.
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There is no filter, so sometimes algae appear.

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