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Aquarium water / Houseplants

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I was changing my water this weekend on my planted tanks and as I was pouring the water down the drain, I noticed that it was also time to water my houseplants! Does anybody recycle there aquarium water into there houseplants? Is this a good idea or bad?
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I do it all the time, even the outdoor plants get whatever is left over. It has to be better than what the city gives you...

Giancarlo Podio
The few houseplants that I have thrive on the aquarium water. Also, if any of the fish die, I bury them in the potting soil and, again, the plants do quite well. (I only keep small fish, BTW, not big 'ol cichlids at the moment.).
Aquarium water makes great house plant water!
Yup, I use it inside and out too.
You should see the veggies go wild... :D
its the best thing for house plants why waste nutrients :roll:
Ok I will do this to everything now, water plants, make sweet tea, boil eggs, draw a bath, etc..

My philodendrons doubled their leaf size after I started using aquarium water to water them with, and the azaleas in the front flower bed look better than they have ever looked in almost a decade once I started using aquarium water on them. I try to make use of it on all my terrestrial plants.

I'm sure I needed to do more fertilizing prior to using aquarium water, and with more proper care the difference would have been less dramatic. Nevertheless, using aquarium water has definitely been win-win for me.
This is why I'll never keep a SW tank. I don't want to be left with gallons of basically toxic waste to be poured down the drain and into the local water treatment system.

Chlorosis in my outdoor azaleas cleared up after a few hits of the tank water. Blueberries also love it. House plants thrive on the stuff. Put it in a sprayer to mist your plants. Throw it on the compost pile if everyone's been watered.

After a comprehensive test on my tap water I've come to believe it's cleaner than what's coming out of the tap...hmmm, tea, maybe...well, maybe after running it through some carbon and floss....but then maybe not.

I also get to feel good about recycling.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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