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Gravel helps by making a place for plants to have roots, fish waste ends up in it, and excess food could also go there. My question is if we can have an aquarium without gravel. Or, maybe just a very small layer of gravel, just enough to cover the bottom but not stack on top of each other.

I'm interested because I want to have an aquarium that is easier to maintain but still looks nice. I don't want to have to clean the gravel, because that becomes a big hassle for me.

Here are my questions:
1. Anyone here have pictures of a tank that doesn't have gravel?
2. Will it look bad or somehow require more maintenance because the food/fish waste ends up on the floor and is visible?
3. What other kinds of issues could I run into?

I realize that some creatures really like gravel and so I won't be able to use them unless I have at least a small layer of gravel. I've heard of some shrimp breeders not having gravel and instead just have a lot of moss for the shrimp.

Overall, any thoughts on this topic? I'd probably have to stick to plants that can be tied to something like a rock or wood and creatures that don't need the gravel or have something like moss for them.

I did do a search but couldn't find much on this.
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