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What's wrong with imitating something for a few months/years and then move on to a new challenge?

I see it as a lesson in one style etc for a little while, get a good ahndle on it, then tear it down and try something else.

I find little permance in planted tank and have little loyalty to any one tank's scape. After I get what I want, on to the next idea.

You have so many media to work with(Wood, cork, terracing, rock, sands, plants), and there are 200 commonly available species, you don't need to have a new species to have a new aqauscape.

If you feel in a rut, come up with a solution.
Try something more daring.

Try smaller than noraml rocks or larger than normal.
Try a tank with one species.
Add a weird fish to the tank.
Many ideas left to try out there.

The only limit is yourself.

Tom Barr
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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