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I agree with your views.

People usually think that if it is not natural, it is a dutch aquascape.

There are the few who tries to do something different, but people tend to discourage those attempts because it is out of the scope of natural-aquascape.

Does a scape has to be natural to be pleasing to the eyes?

People are trying to mimic a scape by using similar plants that have/had been use in a naturalscape. How many has made an attempt at using plants that haven't been widely used in naturalscape?

We have over 200+ variety of plants to choose from, yet we keep seeing the the same 30% or so used.

People may say that it is hard to acquire the more rare plants, but rare plants does not account for the 70% of the other variety; furthermore, with the internet, aquabid, and so many people giving away plants, it is not hard to get the plants.
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