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Amano's use of photography to disseminate inspirational templates has provided an immeasurable boost to our hobby. They are intended to inspire ardor and provoke imitation while selling a product line. They do this very well. He has established an international hallmark of success in our hobby. This is no small achievement and is worthy of admiration and imitation.

I think the AGA contest has now influenced aquascaping in a new and unexpected way. It inspires a sort of ardor that has created a new class of aquascape; the competitive image of a moment. From my perspective this change erases the importance of the AGA event as a gardening showcase. It is sad for me to hear that people are concerned about how entering a scape might damage their prestige, or even worse, that they could somehow be shamed by participating.

In this forum a new horizon has begun. Thanks to the prevalence of digital cameras we can share pics in a less competitive environment that allows us to discuss problems and learn from mistakes in short order. Everyone learns by imitation. I say hurray for imitation! ...even if the images and threads become a little repetitive.
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