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Everyone has their opinions of things, and aquascapes are no different. What do you favor in aquascapes? Do you like a tank crammed full of every plant available, or do you like a sparsely planted tank with a showy centerpiece? Do you prefer one foreground plant above all others? Do you hate it when people try to use multiple foreground plants in their tank?

Here's my opinion on aquascaping...

I like
- Large groupings of plants
- A lush "carpet" of dwarf hairgrass
- Branchy or stump driftwood
- Clumps of riccia on rocks
- "Furry" looking plants
- Dark substrate

I don't like
- "A stem of this and a stem of that" layouts
- Green plants only
- Crypts used as a foreground plant (unless they're tiny and there are hundreds of them!)
- Clumps of moss that aren't attached to anything
- Color coated gravel mixed with flourite, eco-complete, etc.
- "Banana" plants (maybe in one of those .5 gallon nano-cube things, but not in a huge tank)
- Chunks of driftwood with no unique shape

What do you like?

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I like
- Large groupings of similar plants
- A lush one or two plant "carpet"
- Branchy, rock groupings(zen), or branch and rock combo
- Clumps of riccia/moss on rocks
- natural one color substrate
- a group of rare micro/dwarf schooling fish
- white lighting

I don't like
- mismatched plants
- many foreground plants
- no hardscape
- random hardscapes
- mixed random fish
- yellowish lighting
- mixed/random colored substrate
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