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Aquascaped Walstads

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Hi! Somewhat new to the forum but not to the method. My passion is applying my background in engineering, photography, and design to create Walstads that both function splendidly and look aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of my tanks that are IMHO successfully meeting these objectives. I'd love to see yours.

My 4 gallon office tank:
Plant Green Leaf Botany Grass

Planning out the 4 gallon by laying out the golden rectangle focal points using washi tape:
Plant Rectangle Wood Grass Gas

My 16 gallon cube and 10 gallon long incorporating emersed plants:
Plant Organism Houseplant Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

My newest tank, the 20 gallon apisto community:
Vertebrate Plant Rectangle Lighting Wood
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I’m tempted to replace my nano tanks with one large 75 gallon, except a rimless glass tank that size weighs more than I can carry on my own.:(
I feel your pain. I went through the same calculus when going for my apisto tank. The acrylic tanks are incredibly overpriced and surprisingly fragile as they get bigger. I don't know what I would have done had I not dusted off an old glass tank that had been in my closet for 20 years.
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