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Hi, I have a 437 Litre tank, i have used river sand and golden sand and 2 Kg fertilizer gravel from company Sera..

I have planted a hairgrass, its yet to become a carpet, ik want this to grow quickly, i on the lights for 12 hrs, and Co2, i use both azoo carbon plus, and also use pellets in the afternoon for the plants for extra co2.. i use 10 ML azoo carbon plus, like fourish Excel, and 2 tabs of Oceansfree co2 tables..

Then i on oxygen at Night for plant respiration till morning.
I keep my flteration on for atleast 7 hrs daily.
How do i make my grass grow fast, any extra fertilizers to add to make them multiply fast?
I have Dwarf hair grass around a clump of 7 thin hair grass planted at a distance of 2 Inches from eachother.
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