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Aquascaping resources driftwood to rocks

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Important part of my aquascape design that shapes my creation is driftwood and rocks.
I'm always keep an eye out for a nice driftwood or rock collection.
I search takes me to only LFS and wholeslaes around the NYC area at this time.
I have not comb the beaches or gone to any country side to find natural resources yet.
So anyone know of any good resources like there backyard to garden centers to find the prefect piece.
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Very nice rocks John. It reminds me when I used to live in NJ a long time ago. I think I remember seeing some (rocks). Its been so long. Down here in South Texas we just have clay mud. It sort of makes me home sick.

However there must be some mesquite or mangrove wood floating around here somewhere. I've got to keep my eyes out for it.

Steve Pituch
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