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Aquasoil in a high flow layout.

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I am about to re-do my tank with flourite but have read all the great reviews for the aqua soil, I figured I might as well go ahead and try it out. My only concern is I am pushing ~270 gph through a 6.6g tank. Do you think that will be enough flow to move the substrate around much?

I can angle the hydroflo's so that they aren't directly aimed at the ground if need be.

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I think it would blow all over. Why so much movement with 6.6g tank?
Was originally going to be a nano-reef with ~600 gph flow, I already pulled on of the powerheads behind the false wall. So far the plants seem to LOVE the flow. The Java moss especially is growing very very dense and brilliant bright green.
be sure not to use aquasoil II, it will break down very fast ;) post some pics, would love to see the tank :)
I would but I can't find the reader cable for my camera, might have to make a trip down to radioshack tomorrow.
Wow, you joined a long time ago. Did you just remember how much of a valuable resource this site was and decide to post? ;) I Did the same thing ;)

This can give the jist it is a 6.6g display with 3g behind the the false wall. Have 3x32w PC over the 6.6, currently only running one. Controlled by a Reefkeeper II with a Ph probe. Originally had 2x 1200 maxijets. I removed one of maxi-jets and refilled its chamber with carbon.
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