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Aquaspot are u still alive?

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I havn't seen any activity from u guys here or on aquabid for a while. Are u guys gone?

I want to give u guys a chance and order fertilizers and a plant or 2. I understand all the negative feedback but I want to give u a final chance. If this order goes well, I have a ton more I need and along with my friends.

So are u alive?
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I highly suggest that you don't throw your money away buying from this guy. I don't know if you have read my story about dealing with AquaSpot, but he'll take your money and if he ships the plants they won't be properly documented, will get seized by U.S. customs and you will be out every single cent because Ben will not care about you. Your only hope IMO is to use an escrow service that won't pay the money to AquaSpot until you receive your order. Anything less and you'll be out your money just like I am. Ben has not responded to my e-mails or posts here and I'm out more than $100.
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