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I have a strange vining plant growing in a couple of my tanks, tangled in what I think is Didiplis diandra. It pulls out fairly easily, but I could see how it could easily get out of hand. It is the worst in a new tank, set up one month, Excel from day one. What is this, and how worried should I be? It really reminds me of dodder. I used to do landscape design and maintenance, and I had three separate outbreaks of dodder, in three different times and places... it is like the s#%@ is haunting me. Here are my specs:

20L, 48 watts of T5 suspended 2" above.
DIY CO2, not working well.
Regular dosing of Excel, 2 mil Flourish twice a week.
Tank seems to have cycled, no ammonia/nitrites/nitrates ever.

Hopefully here is a picture after I pulled it out (my first try at uploading...)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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