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Aquatic plants clearance!

NOTE: A Tub dimension is about 4 inch (dia) x 2 inch (hgt) unless otherwise stated.

Microsorum pteropus "Phillipine" AKA Phillipine Fern (miniature ferns)

- Seldom sold in LFS
- Very low maintenance (no high-tech setup required)
- Roots easily to DW and rocks
- Size: Leaves broader and shorter than Narrow Leaf Java Fern. Length averages 7-8cm, but can grow to 15cm given the right conditions.
- Excellent for Nano tank set ups
- Able to withstand a great variety of water conditions
- No chiller or CO2 required for healthy growth!

USD 20 for 1 tub, about 20 leaves estimate

Phillipine fern in tub. About 30 - 50 leaves estimate.

Sample image of Phillipine Fern. Leaves are broader but shorter than Taiwan Narrow Leaf Java Fern

Phillipine Fern still growing well under the shade of thick Mini Xmas Moss.

Microsorum Trident plantlets

- Microsorum Trident have forked narrow leaves, however the plantlets does not seems to fork. (may fork when matured, but not sure) However they are extremely rare here and not seen in LFS.

USD10 for 10 plantlet leaves (only few batches left)
USD6 for 5 plantlet leaves

This is Microsorum Trident matured. Not selling.

This is matured leaf with plantlet on the leaf.

These are the plantlets that I'm selling. Noticed that the plantlets leaves are not split like the matured ones. Or not yet split because still young? I'm not sure, But my buyers who bought from me say that they will split but after a while.Anyway these are the ones selling.

Hemianthus Micranthemoides, commonly known as Pearl Grass or Baby Tears Trimmings

- A beautiful aquatic plant known for its bright light green coloration and tiny round leaves.
- Can fit in any part of the aquarium. As this plant is small it can fit small aquariums and makes a perfect background or midground plant. The small leaf structure will make the aquarium appear larger than it is. In large aquariums, it will make the tank looks larger!
- Under high light and certain conditions, Hemianthus micranthemoides can even start to crawl and makes an excellent foreground plant and is easier to grow as compared to HC or glosso!
- 1 tub - USD15

Picture of Pearl Grass trimmings in tub

Pearl Grass "accidentally" grown emersed on DW, with submersed form at the foreground bottom. Note: leaves are rounder in emerse forme and pointed in submerse form.

Pearl Grass as foreground in my tank

More info here:
Hemianthus (Micranthemum) Micranthemoides

Rotala Rotundifolia (Red) AKA Pink Baby Tears Mix Trimmings

USD1/stalk trimming, minimum 4 stalks. Length average 3 inches

Rotundifolia in my tank

More info here:
Rotala rotundifolia

Rotala SP Green

Sp Green sturdy and robust stems, not easily swayed in water current. Sturdier than Rotala Red.
USD1.5/stalk trimming, minimum 4 stalks. Length average 3 inches

Sp Green left, Red right

More info here:
Rotala sp. "green"

Myriophyllum Mattogrossense

A fantastic looking stem plant, with beautiful web-like leaves, this plant is a favourite resting place for shrimps and fishes to spawn. It grows bushy within a few trims and in a classic favourite of Amano for his aquascapes. It required low maintenance with medium light but its beauty will stand out in high nutrient and high light environment. A good nutrient absorber to help keep algae at bay.

USD1.5/stalk trimming, minimum 4 stalks. Length average 3 inches

MM in my tank top view

MM in my tank side view

More info here:
Myriophyllum mattogrossense

Mini Xmas Moss

- 1 tub for USD20
- Difference between Xmas and Mini Xmas moss:
Left is Xmas Moss, Right is Mini Xmas Moss

Xmas moss frond (left) and Mini Xmas Moss frond (right)

Mini Xmas Moss in my nano tank.

Staurogyne Repens

A fresh green, compact and hardy plant suitable for foreground to mid ground. Beautiful pointed leaves with nice vein patterns. Fairly easy plant to grow.

USD2/stalk trimming, minimum 4 stalks. Length average 1 inch

More info here:

Salvania SP - mini floating plants

Fast growing small floating plants with beautiful small connected leaves and short roots. Will give your tank an immediate natural wild look

1 tub for USD5

Extremely Rare NEEDLE Leaf Java Fern

This is NEEDLE Leaf Java Fern and NOT the Taiwan Narrow Leaf Java Fern which can be found at LFS. They are very rare and seldom seen in LFS. They are visibly smaller, shorter and narrower and are perfect for nano tanks set ups. In larger tanks, it will make your scapes looks bigger. They do not require high light, CO2 or chiller. They grow slower that Taiwan Narrow leaf, hence the high price too.

This is the first time I am releasing this rare NEEDLE Leaf Java ferns after almost 3 years of growing them. They were originally acquired from overseas.

See pictures below to understand more.

Left: Taiwan Narrow Leaf Java Fern
Right: Needle Leaf Java Fern
Both are matured and have been growing in the same tank for almost 3 years. Taiwan Narrow Leaf grows easily over 15cm-20cm long and reaches 6-8mm width, while the NEEDLE Leaf Java Fern barely reaches the 10cm mark and width at about 3mm only.

A set of 15 leaves for USD30. Other large quantities are welcome.

Previous Source:

Continent/Region: Asia/South East Asia
Country: Singapore

Phytosanitary Certification (for overseas flora shipment)
USD40 (for anything below 11 pounds)
More details here:

Shipping details:
I'm from Singapore. I can ship via EMS, shipping is about USD54 for >500grams.
Delivery estimate about 3-6 working days.
Details here:

Via PayPal (add 5% from total cost for PayPal fees)

Terms and Conditions:

- I will only ship after confirmed payment via Paypal
- I do not guarantee plants are algae free but all plants are healthy prior to shipping. Please do quarantine them as how you would for plants purchased from your LFS.
- I will repacked plants into plastic bags for ease of shipping.
- I will provide actual photos of items prior to shipping (upon request)
- I will not be responsible for DOA shipment

Thank You!

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Please do not post pad; you did before the last time you posted this. Please read over our sale forum rules THOROUGHLY.

Also, since I'm here, that is not Hemianthus micranthemoides, no matter what anyone says. See our Plant Finder for more information.

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Also, since you are shipping from Singapore you need to be including a phytosanitary certificate inspection in your shipping costs. It is illegal to ship plants to the United States without one and possibly illegal to do so to other countries.

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Hi All,

+1 for Aaron comment about not purchasing plants from overseas; recently a GSAS member was visited by U.S. Customs / USDA for purchasing moss from oversea. The buyer (as the 'importer') is responsible for insuring that proper documentation accompanies a shipment and suffers the consequences (fine and imprisonment) if is does not. Penalties can be very high.

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+1 This is a serious offense that heavily impedes travel. Consider you and your family pulled aside at airport security and having your luggage tossed each and every time, not to mention all international parcels being opened on your behalf. Fines are yet another thing to deal with.

It would have been helpful if the seller provided a location in his/her user profile.

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Please do not post pad; you did before the last time you posted this. Please read over our sale forum rules THOROUGHLY.

Also, since I'm here, that is not Hemianthus micranthemoides, no matter what anyone says. See our Plant Finder for more information.
Hi Caven,

Maybe you can help me ID the plant if it is not Hemianthus micranthemoides.

Is it Micranthemum Glomeratum then?

Its definitely not Micranthemum umbrosum or H. callitrichoides. I got my info from here:

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I have removed a portion of your last post. If you wish to offer something for sale, it needs to be clearly identified with a photograph if possible, and the price stated. This is not an auction site with bids submitted by PM.
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