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Aquatic Scapers Europe - International Aquascaping Contest 2009

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Aquatic Scapers Europe present a new international aquascaping contest.
The Aquatic Scapers Europe - International Aquascaping Contest 2009 is an exclusive freshwater planted aquarium contest with two categories. One category the nano competition, will be for aquariums up to 40 liters and the other competition is designated for all aquariums above that size. We encourage everyone to participate in this contest.

The closing date for this year's contest (May 01, 2009) is a little bit short noticed and very close to the IAPLC. Therefore the application for the next year's contest will start at the end of 2009 (around October or November).

For more information regarding the contest please visit our website at .

Best Regards
Aquatic Scapers Europe Team
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Thank you for the contest..

Sure i will take part
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