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I've been looking at their products and they are by far the cheapest i've seen for somethings. I am just wondering if anyone has purchased any items from them. thx
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I have before and they are very responsive and helpful. I only ordered plants once and was very happy with the plant i recieved and also by the fact that he gave me more extra plants than plants i ordered :). Not to expect that but a great place.
what about ordering items like lights? im just wondernig if anyone out there has bought other stuff from them besides plants
I have bought quite a bit through marc at and have not been displeased by anything. I'm waiting on my eheim 2215 to show up, it should be here tommarrow.

I bought lights from him and was very happy with his service!
I have purchased all my CO2 setups and gotten some plants from Marc.

Always a pleasure and would do it again.
Placed my first order with Marcus a little while ago. He could not ship me one of the minor plants I had requested so he called me on the phone. He ended up sending me two rare and expensive Kleiner Bar swords ($19 ea) instead of the one I ordered. Very good service. It seems that he is trying very hard to satisfy his customers. I'd definitely order from him again.

Steve Pituch
Marc also gets my vote of confidence, i have ordered plants and co2 equiptment from him. he is very helpful in answering ALL questions i asked him!!!
i would say there just as good as aqua botanic but they just have a better selection in plants
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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