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I've just joined APC as you can probably tell, so, hello.

I'm looking for a new lighting setup on my tank L=120cm x H=45cm x W=30cm. I currently have 1 x 38Watt Arcadia T8 Freshwater, this is fine at the moment but I want to undertake my first aquascaping project so obviously I need something for photosynthesis as well as quality daylight reproduction.

I'm currently looking at two different options:

1 x Philips Aquarelle 38Watt 42"


1 x Philips Aquasky 38Watt 42"


2 x Arcadia J5 Plant Pro 54Watt 42"

**(Please allow a little time for the Arcadia link to load as they are currently doing maintenance on the site and it is running very slowly)**

I've been advised that the Philips are very good but they are only 38Watts for each tube (I can't go over 1047mm - 42" in tube length) whereas the Arcadia tubes are T5's but at 42" meaning that they are 54Watts a piece.

Which of these options would you all recommend?

Are there any better options available?

My number one priority is photosynthesis, my second being quality daylight reproduction of a tropical climate. I am able to house a maximum of 2 tubes in my aquarium hood but have plenty of room for electronic starters/ballasts/controllers.

Also do you know if the Philips Aquasky tubes are better/similar or worse than the Philips ADV850?

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated

Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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