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Are shrimp ok in the breeding tank?

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I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question. I have a breeding tank set up, but there are a few cherries that piggy-backed on some java moss.

The problem? Some people swear that cherries will eat fish eggs that are fertile and non-fungused. Others have said that small shrimp like ghost, cherry, chrystal will actually clean the eggs off and not harm them if they are in fact fertile. There are even pictures of a breeding tank setup where this guy took pics of his ghost shrimp cleaning off the eggs without consuming them.

So, does anyone have experience raising fish eggs and fry with shrimp in the same tank? Did they seem to affect the numbers that hatched?
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I used to have Cherries in my tank with micro-rasboras and I don't think they were a problem at all. At least I was getting quite a few fry...
I'm planning on breading celestial pearl danios, so I imagine egg size isn't an issue compared to micro rasboras. I would be interested if someone has any evidence that they are in fact beneficial to a breeding tank.
I had a handful of ghost shrimp in my 5 gal when suddenly the female mollie gave birth (earlier than expected). I got a little wary of the huge 1"+ ghost shrimp learing at the new fry so I moved them out to the adult tank (the shrimp, not the fry). I'd love to have shrimp in there to clean up after them, however.

Anyone else have some insight into this?
I specifically use cherries in my rainbowfish hatching and grow out tanks to eat excess food. they dont seem to bother the eggs at all.

I agree with keeping shrimps to help eat the left over food. MTS are also good and won't harm your fish.
I use either shrimp or ramshorn snails with my killifish. My hatch rates are always better.

Add some adult daphnia to your fry tanks. They act as auto-feeders suppling constant newly hatched daphnia as live food until the fry get large enough to eat the adults.
I have RCS in my plant grow out tank and have bread Zebra Danios in that tank several times. If they do eat the eggs they don't eat enough to even tell. I have had an excellent hatch rate with them in the tank.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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