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Are you entering the AGA Aquascaping Contest?

  • Yes, I'm entering three aquariums.

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  • Yes, I'm entering two aquariums.

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  • Yes, I'm entering one aquarium.

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  • Maybe. I don't know if I'll be entering.

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  • No.

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Hey folks,

There's no reason to not enter this year, seriously. Most of us have put at least one picture of our tanks up for all to see here at APC, if not elsewhere. Anyone who's seen our tanks would have to be putting major effort into not seeing the tanks of those folks that would cause the "It's not good enough" reflex that keeps most folks from entering.

The world's seen our tanks. The world's seen everyone else's tanks. This year Amano will be seeing our tanks and who among us honestly wouldn't jump at the chance to get him to comment on our stuff. That's enough reason to enter right there.

If you're still leery of being judged in competition, put a "Not for competition/comments only" comment in your entry description. I know for a fact that Erik would have no problems with this. It's been an option in the past but people haven't use it.

Last year there were 63 entries, roughly half of which were domestic. The aquatic gardening hobby is alive, well, and growing here in the US. You've got the pictures, you've shown them here at APC, now take a moment and show them at the AGA.

Finally, and most importantly, your entry is a show of support for the AGA and all it's done for the hobby.

Take a moment and support your club, enter the showcase.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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