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Aripos river

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This is my new tank.
Sorry, because I should have take out the C02 reactor for the photo, but that was to much work.
Anyway I hope you enjoy.

Setup date: May 2004
Dimensions: 60cmx35cmx38cm
Volume: 79 liters
Temperature: 25º C
Lighting: 4x24w T5 (3x6500k+1x4000k)
Equipment: eihem filter 2213 with Matrix and Purigene from Seachem, thermostat 100W, DIY CO2 with Tetra reactor
Substrate: ADA aqua soil and ADA power sand
Ferts : First month 1/2 - no fertilization
Up to month four - TMG
After the month four - Seachem Flourish and diy NPK
Fauna: Paracheirodon axelrodi, crossocheilus siamensis, caridina japonica
Flora: Eleocharis acicularis, Blyxa japonica, Ludwigia glandulosa "perennis", Mayaca fluviatis, Rotala Wallichii, Sagittaria Subulata, Hemianthus micranthemoides and echinodorus amazonicus.
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A beautiful display of plant health and color. The bright colors of the R. wallichii and hairgrass work well together. The fish choice is good.

However, this aquascape lacks a sense of permanence. I believe that some branchy driftwood flowing in from the stand of wallichii into the hairgrass field will create more of a midground. This, in turn, will allow for a better connection between the stand of R. wallichii and the E. parvulus.

The driftwood will also create more visual interest.

Keep it up, it is a great aquarium nonetheless,

Its the portuguese guy again!

Another nice work my friend :)

Best Regards
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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