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Hey Cody,

I would make a full height tenon on the apron rail. I don't think the extra work of a haunched tenon would be necessary. About the only time I use a haunched tenon is when connecting door rails to stiles. And then I would only do the extra work on a base cabinet doors where you will actually see the tenon if you didn't use a haunched tenon.

A bridle-joint would work on the center leg for the upper apron. It might be easier just to make a M/T joint for both the upper and lower apron rails. This would only involve one setup. A half lap would work too and would give you the benefit of using some screws (from the rear of course) for added insurance. The screws would also free up some of your clamps for other things, like doors.

Laminated wood for the legs would be stronger than a single, thicker piece. Depending on the thickness it would also be more stable. I have laminated many 2x4's together to make my workbench legs in my shop. 4x4's tend to twist and warp in my experience.

If I just got a new Bandsaw, I would attempt to make the cabinet a bow front to match the tank. It would look much better, at least in my opinion. I would use some MDF to mock-up the first cabinet. This will give you a chance to play with the bandsaw and work out any problems you may encounter with inexpensive MDF before you get to the expensive solid wood. When you're done you should have no trouble selling it for the cost of the materials. If you can't sell it, you could always use it for another tank later on.

If you decide to make a bow-front cabinet, I'm sure Dennis and I can give you some help along the way.
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