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Hey all,

Here is a quick pictoral of the hood I just built. Very easy to do:) Although I have done this before adn I know what I am doing, it would still be very easy for anyone to do. Making the hood itslef took about 1/2 hour. I cut out the part in 15 minutes at break time at work, glued them together the next day, and just put hte ballast and lamp holders in. In all the project has taken me about 1.5 hours. Keep in mind that I have not painted it yet:)

Price: Ballast -(many bulb uses but mine are 4x17watt t8 those are 24"
bulbs) $32.00 a cheaper one could be found. I got this at my
local mom and pa hardware store, with greatly inflated prices

End caps- 3 pair at $2.00 a pair.

Wood, screws all extra scape stuff from work. Just for reference, a
4'x8' sheet of the MDF I used is around $15 dollars If I bought the
screws add another $1, maybe, and that would cover hte 2 wire
nuts too.

For a total cost of around $35.00 I will use it with only 3 bulbs but the ballast will ahndle up to 4X32 t8:)

The box is held togehter with yellow glue and air nailed together with 5/8" brads. You could glue and clamp it(basically the brads hold the parts until the glue dries anyway) or hand nail in small brads. It would take longer but...... There are only 5 parts, the 2 ends are the same.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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