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Thanks for sharing that Steve. It's nice to see you enginous use of materials that don't usually look nice to create something VERY nice:) Well done as always:)

Sorry I have not been around much lately. Between work and personal life I have been very busy lately. THis is really my first night home in over a week. I was in NYC fo r3 days on an install and the night I got back my parents came into town for my bday so I have been AHHHHHH!

Anyway, feeling well rested again and ready to help:)


It sounds like a very good plan so far. I know the ply product youare talking about. Not that exact brand but there are a few like it out there, Finbirch, Multiply, Applyplyand the is a new one called Europly (I think) Anyway, they are all suitable and very strong, especially when laminated. Using a lamination for the top is a good idea, IMO. You will have no issues with sagging/weight support with what you are planning.

As usual I stress that good construction techniques must be imployed here, but I know you will/ are capable of this. I mearly say this as a disclamer to everyone more than enything.

Making it of 3 cabinets is a good idea and also a great way to use the space to its best capicity. A center bank of drawers would work just fine. The strength of this cabinets(s) comes not from the open areas of the cabinets but from the sides, front and backs.

Matt, honistly I cannot frosee any problems with this plan. I would love to see a drawing though, out of courisity more than anything. I don't think the front stiles/rails need to be that wide structurally. Most of the weight of the tank wil be transfered to the floor through the sides of the cabinets. This is especialy true if you laminate the sides out of 2x3/4 sheets.

Let us know more as you figure it out:) I can't wait to se what you come up with. I am sure it will be beautiful.
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