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Ask Dennis: Refinishing gnatster's stand

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Refinishing a Knock Down Stand


I recently acquired a used knock down stand that could use refinishing. Seems to be constructed of MDF covered with, for lack of a better term, black shelf paper with wood grain pattern. How would I go about refinishing?

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THat is a printed laminate/paper actually. There is no refinishing it, at least in the traditional sense of finishing. The best thing you can do is paint it. I would sand it well so that a primer has good adhesion(use something like 150 grit sand paper, sand all in the same direction. pretend it is real wood) and give it a coat or two of primer. Something for smooth surfaces would be fine. You can either go with the brushed finish or go with a spayed finish. For brushing, a primer like Ben's will work good, ask you local paint person for opinion. For a sprayed finish you could use rustolium, still need to prime first but sand with 220(its smoother) and use a spray primer.

Hope that helps, sorry I was rushed wehn i write this:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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