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"Ask Dennis" The place to get your woodworking ?'

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Hello all,

As some of you may know I am a professional cabinet and furniture maker/designer. I was trained in the art, through an apprenticship, in th euse and skills associated with fine furniture, hand tools and all manner of related areas. I am not always much help with your fish or plant problems, but this stuff I do know and will be happy to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone. No question is to basic and will never be considered silly.

Currently I work for a company called VCA, a high end furniture and cabinet shop that has done work for people like Bill Gates's private residence and the GAP headquarters in NYC. Below is a pic of one of my own personal designs and projects.

Ask away:)
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58 gallon Oceanic. I think it's 36 x 18.
36½ X 18½ X 21 From Oceanic down-loadable spreadsheet with engineered dimensions including Frame.
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