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"Ask Dennis" The place to get your woodworking ?'

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Hello all,

As some of you may know I am a professional cabinet and furniture maker/designer. I was trained in the art, through an apprenticship, in th euse and skills associated with fine furniture, hand tools and all manner of related areas. I am not always much help with your fish or plant problems, but this stuff I do know and will be happy to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone. No question is to basic and will never be considered silly.

Currently I work for a company called VCA, a high end furniture and cabinet shop that has done work for people like Bill Gates's private residence and the GAP headquarters in NYC. Below is a pic of one of my own personal designs and projects.

Ask away:)
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This may be interesting for you. It came out nice in spite of the fact that it is made of 2x4s. Certainly not of Dennis's caliber.

It's at the bottom of this page.'s Page/Aquarium/hardware/Stand/stand1.html

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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