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"Ask Dennis" The place to get your woodworking ?'

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Hello all,

As some of you may know I am a professional cabinet and furniture maker/designer. I was trained in the art, through an apprenticship, in th euse and skills associated with fine furniture, hand tools and all manner of related areas. I am not always much help with your fish or plant problems, but this stuff I do know and will be happy to share my knowledge and experiences with anyone. No question is to basic and will never be considered silly.

Currently I work for a company called VCA, a high end furniture and cabinet shop that has done work for people like Bill Gates's private residence and the GAP headquarters in NYC. Below is a pic of one of my own personal designs and projects.

Ask away:)
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The stands I build are made of a plywood subframe with a hardwood or pine facing, I do use pine a lot but they always have a bit more style than I see at LFSs, like tombstone panel doors (my personal favorite).

For a four foot length on a stand for say a 90, there's basically a subframe of furniture grade birch plyood 1.5" thick, the rim support all around with vertical supports on all four corners and in two places along the front and back with 3/8" leveling feet under each vertical support. All joints are biscuit joints with 30 minute expoxy on the plywood structure and waterproof glue on the face frames. I also stagger the joints on the subframe. I have a friend at ISU who did the math on the last one and figures it would support a load of over 1500 pounds safely.

The stand my 75 sits on is constructed entire out of #2 pine and is basically a 1" X 4" pine subfrane with a 1 X 4 over lay, the back is completely open except for the vertical supports as described above and the sides have raised panels (faux doors) to match the three on the front, of which the middle is a faux door. It's actually the first stand I built, all joints are biscuits joints with 30 minute expoxy, all vertical corners are held by epoxy and 3" stainless steel deck screws. I don't have any pictures of the finshed stand but here's a pic of the stand before I put the doors on the front, already holding the tank. Scuse the mess, the tank just got setup in the middle of a remodel (which is not the best way to remodel or set up a tank BTW).

I have a bunch of film from other projects I need to get developed, I just finished a nice oak stand for 30 "cube" with a white pickling that came out rather nice.

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